The Best Fruit Box Delivery Company

Fresh Fruit for Your Office, Cafe or Coffee Shop

We know that that your fruit offering the key component to any coffee shop of cafe grocery office. Thats we have chosen our fruit delivery partners very carefully. Indeed, after much fruit eating we believe that we have found the best! 


Eatfruit are the UK’s fruit box experts, delivering fresh fruit to offices, businesses, cafes and coffee shops across the UK each day of the week – Monday to Friday. Eatfruit specialise in delivering to multiple locations. So, if you have a chain of coffee shops or offices these can only be delivered on just account with just one monthly invoice! 

Perfect Fruit Boxes

Choose from a set fruit box. Each including a mix of 5 to 7 varieties for fruit that change with the seasons. Each box is delivered in an eco-friendly fruit box. Alternatively make your own order of singular fruits. Each box is custom printed with an eye catching, shelf ready design. Perfect for the counter top in a coffee shop or on top of a kitchen unit in an office or business. 

Custom Fruit Order

Set fruit boxes are not ideal for all offices or cafes thats why we also offer full boxes of Bananas, Apples, Clementines, Lemons, Limes and more. In addition we can offer fruit retail packs. Perfect to keep your team and customers healthy. 


As much fruit as possible is sourced from the UK and Western Europe in order to keep food miles down. Deliveries to your office or coffee shop are made via carbon neutral logistics and the fruit box packaging is fully recyclable, made from sustainably sourced board and printed with eco-friendly inks. Any excess or graded out fruit is donated to charities or local food banks so you get only the very best fruits with little wastage whilst helping others. It’s a win win! 

Fruit Box


Printed Grease Proof Paper


Printed Grease Proof Paper

Fruit for your Customers and Employees

Fruit is a key item for every coffee shop and office to sell, long gone are the days of sugary chocolate bars. In todays coffee shops and offices, a supply of good quality fruit is now simply expected, and why not? It’s a great revenue driver, adds to your brand and supports your team live a happier and healthy lifestyle. No matter what you fruit requirements are, we can help. From a crunchy Apple to a zesty Lemon can supply it all!

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