16oz ice cream tub
16oz ice cream tub
1000 - 1999 £0.34Available
2000 - 2999 £0.25Available
3000 - 4999 £0.22Available
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Printed Ice Cream Tubs 16oz

Custom printed ice cream tubs with full colour branding on the outside of the pots. Prices include printing and delivery.


Printed Ice Cream Tubs 16 oz

All prices include full colour custom printed logos and design as well as free delivery

Custom printed ice cream tubs UK and EU manufactured and printed, being incredibly popular in ice cream shops and ice cream vans, farm shops, ice cream parlours, milkshake bars, coffee shops, cafes and casual dining sectors.

A colourful and attractive custom printed ice cream tub design will make a fantastic impression with your customers, tempting them to return sooner for another dessert or healthy snack depending on your use of the printed ice cream tubs.

As our ice cream tubs are completely customisable, they can be used for a variety of treats such as yoghurt, nuts, fruit and even dog friendly ice cream. For the larger 12 oz and 16 oz sizes we are also proudly offering eco-friendly paper lids to cover the tubs allowing them to be retailed in the frozen sections within supermarkets and shops to allow you to get your product selling wider and further afield.

As a UK based ice cream tub printing specialist, our expert team are on hand to help with your purchasing journey and assist with any questions and artwork issues to ensure your ice cream tubs are delivered exactly as intended with your branding and custom design printed perfectly around the custom printed ice creams to thrill your customers.

Single walled or shelled ice cream tubs coming with individual designs to suit your needs and improve the attractiveness of your menu offerings. Our brilliant print quality means your design will appear in the highest resolution making the custom printed ice cream tubs stunning on the eye.

Our branded ice cream cups and printed ice cream tubs are a highly sought-after product within the ice cream industry so it’s important to choose a high-quality tub like ours that will not get soggy with melted ice cream and is manufactured from high quality 232 g/ m² cup board or higher for larger volume tubs making them ideal and robust for freezing.

As the design, manufacturing and printing is all done under one roof, we can ensure you of full compliance with regards to design suitability, quality control, hygiene standards and compliance.

Recyclable Printed Ice Cream Tubs

Our ice cream tubs are recyclable ensuring they reduce your carbon footprint whilst leaving sweet, toothed customers with a smile on their face as they eat from the custom printed ice cream tubs.

The printed ice cream tubs come in a range of sizes to suit every age group and customers looking for varying quantities and scoops of ice cream to put in their custom printed tubs.

Your customers will market your organisation, shop, and business themselves via social media and there’s no better referral than via a social media snap with a customer showing off their custom printed ice cream tub featuring your logo and dessert treat to entice others along.

Due to our low minimum order, we have a range of clients purchasing ice cream tubs from us and many get the larger tubs with lids so they can prepack the ice cream or frozen yoghurt then sell them in bulk through a network of shops and supermarkets.

Our printed tubs and taller pots with lids are ideal for other snacks including fresh fruits, small baked goods, cheeses, and sweets to name a few. The full coverage printable surface area acts as an advertising area for your business to grow whether in use at a café, coffee shop or ice cream parlour or perhaps being promoted at an event or exhibition.

Thick quality paper board for custom printed ice cream tubs, pots and cups to ensure that ice cream, yoghurts, slush drinks and frozen desserts are all contained perfectly. Board used is carefully chosen to ensure the ice cream tubs and cups provide excellent moisture barrier, preventing leaks and paper from becoming soggy.

High quality HD printing allows contact information, barcodes and QR codes to encourage and market the products to grow future sales within your customer base and ensure a great return on investment. Even better than this the ice cream tubs are environment friendly, recyclable and 99% biodegradable.

Such is the quality of the custom printed ice cream tubs we offer, that as well as being used to serve cold gelatos and frozen yoghurts we also have a growing sector of soup-based products as the ice cream tubs and soup pots are completely interchangeable and the same product essentially.

Sourcing PLA and earth-coating for the paper ice cream tubs means that we are now offering 100% renewable and eco-friendly custom printed ice cream tubs that derive from biomass or animal starch. As well as being biodegradable, the PLA helps with waterproofing and handles freezer temperatures better so all you need to do is concentrate on your custom printed design to go on the wonderful ice cream tubs.

Ice Cream Tub Features

  • >>  Minimum Order Quantity : 1000
  • >>  Free On Screen Visual Preview
  • >>  Full Colour CMYK Print – Can be spot printed up to 4 colours
  • >>  Range of 5 sizes including 4 oz, 5 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz
  • >>  Paper lids available for 12oz and 16oz pots.
  • >>  100% Food Safe and Odourless Inks and Dyes
  • >>  Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable
  • >>  Freezer safe
  • >>  High Definition and Great Quality Printing
  • >>  All materials are made in Europe and produced from ethical forests which are constantly renewed and replanted.
  • >>  FSC Certified Paper Board-certified forests.
  • >>  Professional design team.

Sizing and Trimming

Our printed ice cream tubs come in various sizes from as small as 4oz all the way up to 16oz ice cream tubs to offer larger portions in your custom printed ice cream tubs.

Printed ice cream tubs come in various sizes from as small as 4oz all the way up to 16oz ice cream tubs.
Our Ice cream tubs come in 5 different sizes:

  • 100ml / 4oz (up to 1 scoop) – Most popular for sampling servings
  • 150ml / 5oz (up to 2 scoops) – Most popular for smaller servings
  • 200ml / 8oz (up to 3 scoops) – Most popular for larger servings
  • 300ml / 12oz (largest size for ice cream scoops usually)
  • 400ml / 16oz (Better for frozen yoghurt or pre-packaged ice cream)

These are tubs with wider bases, but we also offer 12oz and 16oz pots which can also have paper lids with them, suitable for soups and ice cream pots that are to be frozen with the ice cream inside. The diameter of the taller pots is the same meaning the lids fit both sizes.

16 oz Ice Cream Cup

Fits approx. ca. 450 ml
Cup diameter at top 105 mm
Cup diameter at bottom 86 mm
Cup height 75 mm
High-quality boxboard inside 301 g/m² cup board
Print Full 4-colour print CMYK
Colour Odourless, tasteless, food safe ink

Carton Quantity 1,800 cups per box
Packaging Dimensions H 450 mm x L 580 mm x W 380 mm
Shipping weight 8.4 kg


Due to ice cream and therefore ice cream tubs being a seasonal product, lead time can vary a little. Our customer care team can give you updates as the lead time can vary from 15 working days to 25 working days depending on time of year.

If you require express delivery, please contact us. During busier periods lead time can vary so if you need them by a specific date, please always contact us to check.

If you require a specific or larger quantity, please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

All prices include full colour printing and delivery.

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