Chilled Milk Dispensers

Milk Pergals

Custom printed | Easy to maintain & clean.

Reduce waste and save money with a chilled milk dispenser

With a 13.1ltr ( 24 pint ) storage capacity our chilled milk dispensers are the ideal way to reduce your environmental impact by reducing the amount of packaging used.

Chilled Milk Dispensers

If your are looking for a way to reduce your impact on the environment then a Chilled Milk Dispenser is the ideal way to not only reduce the amount of milk bttles that your coffee shop disposes each week but also your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of food miles take to deliver your milk. 

Our Range


13.lltrs storage capacity


13.12ltrs storage capacity


£495 + Vat


£695 + VAT

A Choice of Machines

All of our machines simply plug into a standard plug socket and can be positioned on a counter top. Each contains a 13.1ltr or 24 pint milk bag in box re-fill. The machines are easy to clean and maintain and all packaging is fully recyclable.

Custom Design

For an additional charge we can brand your chilled milk dispenser to display your custom design or logo. Please contact us for more information. 

Free Hire

In partnership with Drinkmilk – the UK’s national milk delivery network we have negotiated a free hire offer. Simply order your milk dispenser re-fills from us and we will supply your milk dispenser free of charge ( based on a 24 month agreement ). If you prefer to buy your machine Drinkmilk can still supply you milk pergal re-fills. Contact us for a no obligation quotation

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Eco-friendly Milk Supply Solution

Chilled Milk dispensers are the eco-friendly solution for your coffee shop milk supply. Reducing the amount of packaging that is disposed and your carbon footprint by reducing the number for trips to deliver your milk to your coffee shop.

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