Wholesale Grocery Supplies for Your CoffeeShop


Fresh groceries delivered

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Wholesale fair delivered straight to your coffee shop or bar.

Fresh Fruit and Groceries for your Coffee Shop or Bar

Lemons, Lime, Ginger, Cucumbers and More! 

Ethical & Sustainably Sourced

Wholesale Limes

A box of 40 Limes

Wholesale Limes

A box of 40 limes

Wholesale Ginger

A box of Ginger


Groceries for Coffee Shop

Lemons, Lime, Ginger, Cucumbers and More! 

Our Grocery Supply Partner

Our fruit box and grocery delivery partner is Eatfruit. Eatfruit are our chosen partners as we believe they are the UK’s fruit box experts, delivering fresh fruit to offices, businesses, cafes and coffee shops across the UK each day of the week – Monday to Friday. Eatfruit specialise in delivering to multiple locations. So, if you have a chain of coffee shops or offices these can only be delivered on just onestopcoffeeshop.co.uk account with just one monthly invoice! 

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Helping you to provide a healthy offering to your team and customers

We have partnered with the UK's best fruit delivery service to provide you with competitively priced fruit. Order set boxes or specific fruit for retail. With national UK wide delivery we can deliver fruit to all of your branches.

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