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Eco-friendly Milk Deliveries


How you have your milk delivered to your coffee shop is no easy choice. The choice of packaging has impacts on the environment, safety and also efficiency. Luckily, provides a range of options including plastic. Glass Milk Bottles and Bag-in-box Chilled Milk Dispensers.


Plastic milk bottles are generally made from a type of plastic called high-density polyethene (HDPE) and are widely recycled. The challenges with these plastic bottles is when the bottles are not recycled in a responsible manner and end up either in landfill, or worse into the ocean where they can biodegrade into highly damaging microplastics that can disrupt ecosystems and infiltrate food chains. The impact of which is not fully understood. In addition the recycling of such plastics typically involves down cycling them, they are often un-suitable to be used as food packing.


Plastic milk bottles do not decompose but in time do photo degrade however this process depends on conditions and can take up to 100 years read more. In addition they can often only be re-cycled 7 to 9 times.


Glass milk bottles however may not be the solution either! Increased weight make them heavy to transport. Read more here and make your own decision! Drinkmilk 11/09/2021


Eco-friendly Food Packaging

Take-away Cups and lids

We offer a range of printed takeaway cups and lids including compostable and fully recyclable. Cups are printed on sustainably sourced board and printed with eco-friendly inks.  

Fresh milk delivered to your coffee shop from 57p per pint including delivery. 

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All our custom printed and branded greaseproof paper is fully naturally biodegradable and a compostable food wrap solution, manufactured locally and suitable for use in ovens, microwaves and freezers. Not only this but our greaseproof paper and food wrap also help maintain the flavour, temperature, moisture and aromas, whilst crucially enhancing the appearance of your food, particularly important as a background for all those social media pictures.

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